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    Talent management framework


    Framework for Talent Management
    at Industry Canada


    The topic of talent management is enjoying unprecedented popularity among executives and managers. In the Public Service of Canada, an ageing workforce coupled with a reduced supply of knowledge workers and labour generally, has intensified the emphasis on Renewal through finding and retaining top talent.

    Accordingly, “talent management” has become an omnipresent catchphrase for efforts related to how organizations interact with their employees and develop and deploy human resources. Its meaning has been stretched and conflated to fit a vast array of circumstances. This is why a common understanding of the concept and a framework for addressing specific organizational needs within the context of Industry Canada’s People Management Strategy for Renewal and Results is essential.

    The Approach

    The Public Service Renewal Section (Strategic Human Resources Management directorate) in the Human Resources Branch (HRB) has analyzed seven key components of employees’ job cycles. This document offers a preliminary selection of talent management initiatives, divided by component; that our clients may choose to apply to increase their success in attracting, developing, managing and retaining talent.

    Although the Talent Management (TM) components have natural divisions, many of the initiatives will have an impact in two or more component areas. The initiatives either complement or enhance existing practices at Industry Canada, and for many we have already prepared detailed descriptions and scoping documents.

    Next Steps

    Talent management initiatives to be offered by HRB must be aligned with client requirements. The following groups will be consulted: Management Committee, Strategic HR Management Committee, Regional Executive Directors, Industry Canada Managers’ Network, and HRB’s various client service groups.

    According to client demand, HRB will prepare a simple short-list menu of initiatives for sector clients to choose what Talent Management initiative(s) they will adopt and implement in 2009-2010. HRB will offer to support to clients in the form of advice, planning tools and products that will enable managers to actively manage and develop their employees.

    The long-term goal is that the implementation of specific talent management initiatives will be included in the annual Performance Agreements of individual directors.
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