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    2600 phrases for effective performance reviews

    2600 phrases for effective performance reviews

    for Effective
    eady-to-Use Words and Phrases
    That Really Get Results
    Paul Falcone

    Introduction:How to Use This Book in Order to Save Time
    and Write Compelling Performance Appraisals 1
    Part I. Performance Appraisal Phrases for Core
    Competencies and Commonly Rated Performance
    Factors 23
    Adaptability and Change Management Skills 25
    Attendance and Punctuality (Reliability) 27
    Communication and Cooperation 30
    Creativity and Innovation 34
    Customer Satisfaction 36
    Diversity Orientation 40
    Goal and Objective Setting 43
    Initiative 45
    Job Knowledge 48
    Judgment and Decision Making 51
    Leadership 54
    Listening Skills 58
    Managerial Style 61
    Oral and Written Expression 65
    Organization and Planning Skills 68
    Personal Style 72
    Problem-Solving Skills and Results Orientation 76
    Productivity and Volume 79
    Professionalism and Grooming/Appearance 82
    Quality 85
    Resourcefulness 87
    Safety 89
    Staff Development 93
    Strategic and Critical Thinking Skills 96
    Supervision 99
    Teamwork and Relationship-Building Skills 102
    Technical Skills 105
    Time Management 108
    Part II. Performance Appraisal Phrases for Particular
    Titles and Roles 111
    Accounting and Finance 113
    Accountant 113
    Auditor 115
    Bookkeeper 116
    Controller 118
    Credit and Collections Manager 120
    Financial Analyst 122
    Human Resources 124
    Benefits Administrator 124
    Compensation Analyst 126
    Employee and Labor Relations Representative 128
    Recruiter (Corporate) 130
    Training and Organizational Development Specialist 132
    Information Technology 134
    Data Entry Operator 134
    Database Administrator 136
    Help Desk Coordinator 138
    Programmer Analyst 140
    Project Manager 142
    Systems Analyst 144
    Legal 146
    Attorney 146
    Contract Analyst 148
    Legal Secretary 150
    Paralegal 152
    Manufacturing 154
    Assembly and Packaging Technician 154
    Distribution Manager 156
    Equipment Technician 158
    Machinist 160
    Manufacturing Supervisor 162
    Master Scheduler 164
    Production Control Assistant 166
    Production Lead 167
    Production Supervisor 169
    R&D Engineer 170
    Supply Chain Manager 172
    Technical Writer 174
    Operations 176
    Administrative Assistant 176
    Customer Service Representative 178
    Executive Secretary 180
    Facilities Maintenance Supervisor 182
    Office Manager 184
    Receptionist 186
    Research Manager 188
    Risk Manager 190
    Safety and Security Supervisor 192
    Transportation Supervisor 194
    Warehouse Manager 196
    Sales, Marketing, and Advertising 198
    Account Executive 198
    Art Director 201
    Cashier/Checker 202
    Event/Conference Coordinator 204
    Fundraising/Development Executive (Nonprofit) 206
    Graphic Designer 208
    Market Research Analyst 210
    Marketing Director 212
    Media Planner 214
    Product/Brand Manager 216
    Publicist 218
    Sales Assistant (Brokerage) 220
    Sales Associate (Retail) 222
    Sales Manager 224
    Sales Representative (Outside) 226
    Telemarketer 228
    Appendixes 229
    Appendix A. High-Impact Verbs to Inspire Your Writing 231
    Appendix B. Essential Adverbs to Get Your Message Across 237
    Appendix C. Common Grading Scale 241
    Appendix D. Index of Particular Titles and Roles 243

    How to Use This Book in Order to
    Save Time and Write Compelling
    Performance Appraisals

    f you’ve purchased this book, you’re serious about strength- ening your written communication skills and developing your subordinates. The truth of the matter is that most per-formance reviews in corporate America are drafted without much thought and are submitted well after the deadline—not much of a motivational tool for workers longing for apprecia-tion for a job well done. Yet taking the time to formally ap-praise employees’ performance once a year has much more significance than many managers realize.
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